What is an online business listing?

An online business listing is a data management tool for each all types of business establishments. Business listing includes your company's general business information such as your business telephone number, street address, URL, email address, directions, maps and anything else you would like customers to know about you.

You probably already have online listings, and may not know it. Every registered business with a physical street address has one. Your current listings were generated by overseas data entry personnel. These individuals are given the master yellow pages list and are in charge with entering only the most basic information. As a result, many online business profiles are often inaccurate, outdated and rudimentary. These anonymous individuals aren't concerned with your anonymous business. But we are!

We know how to make your business listings get noticed. Our online listings allow you to include promotional videos, photographs, coupons and customer reviews. Reviews and ratings are essential. Potential customers place a great deal of trust in the opinion of other consumers; therefore, this feedback can be extremely helpful for securing conversions, inspiring purchases, and the walk in or phone traffic to your physical locations.

Why do you need our online data management services?
Sixty-three percent of internet searchers perform local searches.* Those whom search online are often looking for a local car dealership or a public storage facilities close to home. We help these local searchers find your proximal business. Local searchers are able to learn everything they need to know about your business; such as phone numbers, street and email addresses, directions, maps and even some feedback from previous customers. Once customers have made contact or visited your establishment, these customers are more likely to frequent your business because of its convenient location and community aspect.
How do online business listings work?
Just provide us with your business information and we do the rest. It's that simple, really!
Where do people find my online business listings?
Online business listing results are pulled for geo-targeted searches on the following distribution channels:
  • Mobile devices - cell phones, PDA browsers
  • Search engines - Google, Yahoo!, Craigslist,
  • GPS devices - TomTom, Magellan, OnStar
  • Online directories and databases - InfoUSA, Acxiom, Amacai
  • Google text - Goog411
These examples are just some of the thousands of distribution channels on which people can find your listings.
How long does it take for listings to go live?
Typically it takes 30 days to see listings, depending on the distribution channel.
How are online business listings developed?
We take all your updated business information, incorporate relevant, high-volume phrases and distribute it to numerous search engines, directories, and internet yellow pages. But it doesn't stop there, we continually optimize your listing's content and format based on each distribution channel's updates and we monitor the listing to ensure it isn't being fraudulently altered. All in a day's work!
How is Web Oxygen different from other Business Listing websites?
We offer the same business services as other companies, the difference is our price. 
How can I submit?
You provide us with your business information and we do the rest. It can't get much simpler than that!
My company has 15 locations in one city; they won't all fit in Google's 10-pack. Which locations will be listed most prominently?

Google defines the city center and displays the store that is closest to that location. Say you own 20 flower shops in the Denver Metro area. One is located a block from Google's city center and the other 19 are scattered throughout suburbs and smaller neighborhoods. The city center location will be more prominent than the others for the search term "Denver florist." That's just the way it goes and we can't trump Google.

However, we know that many people use other, more specific modifiers when searching locally, such as neighborhood names and zip codes. We would optimize the other listings for geo-modified terms for the Denver area; such as "florist Denver Highlands," "flower shop LoDo" or "florists 80218

How will I know if my updated map listings are working?

After the changes have been accepted by the engines, you can simply search for your business. This will give you an idea of your increased visibility. If you would like more concrete evidence, we provide reports that show impressions (how many times your listings displayed) and click throughs (how many people viewed your listings) on Google.

We can relate these figures to the going rates for PPC keywords, showing the comparative value of your listings. Unfortunately, Google is the only outlet that provides data at this time. We are currently working to develop ways to quantify results across all distribution channels. In the meantime, you can record success by using trackable phone numbers and offering unique promos or discounts in your map listings. This way you can attribute sales or leads originating from the listings only, distinguishing them from your other forms of marketing.

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